Innovative Food Brands in Nigeria

The restaurant and food scene in Nigeria is a fiercely competitive one. With new brands sprouting daily, the struggle to gain competitive advantage and capture market share has become more intense. Unlike the past, where having unique food offerings gave brands the edge, restaurants today have to have top-notch branding to be in the lead. Let’s look at the top most innovative food brands in Nigeria in 2019, and see what keeps them on top.

Dominos arrived in Nigeria with a flurry of excitement in August of 2012, with its international reputation preceding it. It soon partnered with Cold Stone Creamery and cemented its spot as the one-stop outlet for pizza and confectionery. This affiliate strategy doubled the amount of patronage that came through their doors. Whilst today there is a lot of mixed reaction about a reduction in the quality of their pizza, their strategies still ensure they have enough customers to keep the business flourishing in Nigeria.

A very good way they still capture customers is the experience they create around buying pizza. From their distinct blue delivery boxes to singing for customers the moment they walk in, the experience strategy for Dominos is very solid. In terms of product pricing, dominos makes its offerings very affordable to the public, most notably their 500 naira pizza. Such economic comfort, amidst other factors, makes eating at dominos such a special experience and is why people would patronize them rather than their competitors.

Midnight City identified and solved a problem in Lagos’ eating scene — there’s nowhere open after 12 am. Lagos never sleeps, and a consequence of that is a constant demand for food but no restaurant sells by 12 am. Midnight City is a food delivery business that operates between 09:00 pm and 5 am. With a strong social media presence, interesting menu and numerous promotions, customers are glued to these lifesavers.

Urban Fuxion is a food truck that moves to where the action is. Food that comes to you. While it has its main spot in Lekki, where customers can mostly always find them, they’re where you want them to be. The packaging stands out with its blue and white checkered wrapping, so when customers take a picture of their food and post it on the gram, other people automatically know where it’s from.

Chopnownow is another innovative brand. Whilst offering quality Nigerian food at the prices of the traditional eateries such as Mr. Biggs and Sweet Sensation, Chopnownow knocks them out with the added service of delivery. Having recognized their target market to be workers who find it inconvenient leaving their office to get food or those who want to eat in the comfort of their car or current location, Chopnownow offers classic meals at the same price, with added service. Their marketing strategy is a lunchtime brand that has fast delivery. You can even order via Whatsapp which isn’t done anywhere, making orders seamless for people who aren’t chanced to call.

In conclusion, the common theme for survival and superiority amongst these restaurants is their understanding of their target markets and adapting their products and services to fit the demand. This rule is what every brand that plans to remain relevant in today’s world must consider.