Things to note about owning a website

Buy the domain name yourself. People always say they are not tech-savvy so they cannot buy their domain name. Let me tell you something if you can read this post you tech-savvy. 

Reasons to buy it yourself: 

a. No one would cheat you or call a ridiculous price for domain name purchase.

b. You have control over the domain name. 

c. No one can hold you ransom because they bought a domain name for you, thereby forcing you to get another one which might not be distinct when you can’t get the login details from the person who bought it on your behalf. (Some web designers can be evil) 

d. It’s a digital asset so treat it as such.

Buy the web hosting plan yourself. We already agreed that you’re tech-savvy so you can also do this, you just have to read the instructions and it’s easy. There are several platforms that offer great web hosting plans and these things are not as difficult as “they” make it sound or as you make it sound. Note: “make it sound” because you might just be lazy or you might be the one stopping yourself because you’re not “tech-savvy”

Note: “make it sound” because you might just be lazy or you might be the one stopping yourself because you’re not “tech-savvy”

Choose one of these platforms to buy your domain name and web hosting from. 

Leanstack: Most of our client’s web properties are on leanstack because we find it easier and simpler to use. Domain names can go from N4,000 ($11.02) and above, depending on which domain extension you buy. They also have an amazing web hosting plans that we especially love, prices can go from N4,000 to N40,000 and one hosting plan can allow you to host up to 5 websites.

Namecheap: This is another great platform to buy domain names from, we especially love them because they accept Nigerian cards for payment in USD. It’s also easy to navigate.

Note: we have not bought a web hosting plan from them yet, however you can buy if you get a good deal.

Godaddy: We also recommend Godaddy, especially because it’s easy to navigate. Some of our clients have domain names and web hosting plans here, and so far so good we have not had any issues working with them.

Note: We especially love their recent rebrand. It’s really niceeeee.


a. If you live in Nigeria, we recommend you use leanstack instead. 
b. All these platforms have 99.8% uptime. 
c. They also have outstanding customer service.