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Gemstone Group is a leadership development institution with a distinct mandate to raise a Generation of leaders that are Empowered, Motivated and Stirred To Operate with Natural Excellence (GEMSTONE). The GEMSTONE Group is dedicated to building exemplary leaders of excellence for all spheres of National Transformation, founded in 2005 by Fela Durotoye.

In 2013 the Gemstone Nation Builder’s Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization was founded to engage, empower and equip nation builders and community transformers at every level of the society through the platforms of the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Network (GNB Network), with over 8,000 beneficiaries trained till date.

With several impact programs and thousands of lives empowered, equipped, and transformed it was time to redesign the visual identity for the future.

We worked with the team to create a simple, distinct and adaptable visual identity system that maintained its history.

The logo is made of a shield and fleur-de-lis symbol which is a lasting emblem of royalty, power, honour, grandeur, faith, and unity.

Gemstone Group has six (6) impact units for which the logo was adapted.

We selected six (6) distinct colours to not only reflect the impact units but also reflect the organizations’ culture and values.

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Visual Identity design for an organisation inspiring teenagers towards a Godly and exemplary living.

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