Website design for world's biggest brands event company

Mirus Events

Mirus Events–an event management consultancy works with biggest brands in the world to project their image and enhance their customer experience. They interpret the client’s vision from concept to execution fusing a process-driven approach that exceeds the client’s expectations. With over 9 years of experience delivering excellence for big brands like Google, Facebook, Spotify and more they needed to tell their own story and project their image.

During the content strategy phase, we created a new positioning statement based on their project’s history and the clients they’ve worked with. We used the website’s new positioning statement; event consultancy for the world’s biggest brands as header text. To extend the life of this statement we used motion to convey some other core parts of the services offered by the company in the simplest form possible.

With this new website, we wanted to show the company in all its glory; from history to project case studies, and the team creating these unique experiences. The layout had to be minimal yet engaging and exciting, so we introduced yellow-coloured circles around key subheaders of the website. We streamlined the user journey by creating a snapshot of the entire website on the homepage, giving them an overview of the business without having to navigate the whole website.

The website layout also features a step-by-step system in the case study view, guiding the users from one sub-section to another without being overwhelming.

Creating a spirited brand starts here.



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