Visual Identity design for an affordable beauty company.

Visual Identity Design
Brand Guideline

Nu’Bella is a beauty and lifestyle company providing young women with affordable but quality beauty products to help them enhance their beauty without breaking the bank.

We worked with one of the incredible female founders for about 6 weeks to create this simple but distinct visual identity. We had a clear direction from the first meeting but arriving at a final design option took us weeks of research, sketching, brainstorming and Pinterest boards to arrive at a final design option. It was worth the journey.

Logo: The logo is essentially a wordmark. We designed it to be adaptable but yet recognisable in all its different forms, full logo or icon.

Font: We decided to work with a serif font that would signify luxury, but reflect the modern taste of the brand.

Tagline: The client wanted a tagline that was simple and witty, after several hilarious attempts we finally arrived at “blink responsibly”.

Colours: In selecting the colours we wanted something close to gold and pastel colours. We settled on the copper colour option because it made the brand and products automatically stand out. The colour also works with black which was one of the key colours we worked with. The colour copper embodies warm and homely energy.

Patterns: For the brand pattern, we wanted something super simple but also visually appealing to look at. We integrated the pattern into the packaging design from shopping bags to the boxes in which the products come in, the popup spaces where the products would be displayed for sale and other brand collaterals.

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