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Visual Identity design for a company helping people build the business they love.

Scale My Hustle
Social Enterprise, Consulting
Visual Identity Design
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Scale My Hustle works with business owners to build better-structured businesses and help professionals navigate career growth challenges. It’s a social enterprise with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the core of our existence. 

The company got to start on Twitter where the founder Moe, created and shared helpful resources almost every day, she also offered consulting services to various business owners and career professionals, who she helped on their growth journey. In 2018 Moe and her team decided it was time to create an identity for the company.

We worked on several iterations of the logo till we found the perfect one that checked all the boxes and reflected the company’s ethos.

The logo icon represents building blocks that come together to form a proper structure. The single block joined at a 90-degree angle signifies growth, which is the outcome of a well-structured business.

We created three icons that represent growth, excitement, and trust which speaks to the experience clients have when they work with the team at Scale My Hustle.

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Reimagining the visual identity for a leadership development institute.

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© 2021 Jonathan Cole. All Rights Reserved