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Thrace Advisory works with individuals and organisations across the private, public, and social sectors to create the change that matters. Their approach combines the understanding of a dynamic global marketplace with a customer-centric focus in creating the desired future.

Founded in 2011 by Dr Adeyinka Adewale, Associate Professor of Leadership Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School.

The name “Thrace” is derived from three aces which are distinction, excellence and problem-solving. At the heart of the company is social impact.

We created a flexible visual identity system that shows the different expressions of the company.

The logo symbol is made up of a square and a magnifying lens.
The magnifying lens represents deep insight/research, the square represents basics, structure, and balance. At the heart of what the company does the basis is people. The edges of the square are slightly rounded to emphasise the human/people approach of the business.

The visual identity system utilises DM Serif Display as its logo font and DM Sans for text.

In addition to creating the visual identity system, we created a brand tagline that captured the brand’s core “creating change that matters”. The tagline embodies their vision, mission and brand purpose.

We also created a website for the company to help them tell their story.

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Visual identity design for a financial advisor on a mission to grow businesses.

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