Empowering high-growth companies in West Africa

Yennega Capital

Yennega Capital is a leading advisory and investment platform focused on West Africa. With a deep understanding of the regional market, a data-centric approach, and a strong network of financiers, Yennega Capital empowers high-growth companies to secure the necessary financial resources.

West Africa remains one of the most underfunded regions in Africa, where the concepts of private equity and venture capital are relatively new to many companies. Consequently, these companies find themselves constrained in their ability to grow and expand.

Inspiration from Yennega: A Legendary Princess

Yennega, a legendary princess and revered figure among the Mossi people of Burkina Faso, serves as our company’s namesake. Known for her bravery and determination, she symbolises our mission to empower and uplift businesses in West Africa. Yennega’s story is one of resilience and forging a new path, just as we aspire to do for our clients.

The logo symbolises growth, protection, and precision. It embodies the essence of Yennega’s story, representing the key attributes Yennega Capital brings to its clients.

The spear symbolises growth, representing a commitment to helping companies thrive and reach their full potential. The shield signifies protection, emphasising the company’s role in safeguarding its clients’ interests and guiding them through the complex landscape of finance and investment. The bow and arrow symbolise precision, reflecting a data-centric approach and ability to navigate the market with accuracy and insight.

These elements combined communicate the comprehensive support and expertise provided to high-growth and impact-centric companies seeking financial resources.

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