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Visual identity design for a financial advisor on a mission to grow businesses.

Yennega Capital
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Yennega Capital is a deal intermediary for SMEs in francophone West Africa with a vision to become the creative financial advisor for businesses within that region.

West Africa remains one of the most underfunded regions in Africa. The concept of private equity and Venture Capital remains relatively new to many companies. As a result, companies remain boxed in their ability to grow.

Yennenga was a legendary princess, considered the mother of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso. She was a famous warrior precious to her father, but the princess aspired to another destiny and decided to leave the kingdom. On the run with her horse, she meets a young hunter, Rialé with whom she had a child called Ouedraogo. Ouedraogo is a famous last name in Burkina Faso and means “male horse” in honour to the horse which leads the princess to Rialé.

After deep research into the exceptional and incredible life of Princess Yennega, we were thrilled by our discovery and wanted to reflect as much as we could about her in the visual identity but also keep it simple.

We created a logo that combines the javelins, spears, and bows; weapons that the Princess was an expert in.

The spear represents growth which speaks to the pain point that the company is looking to solve for businesses in West Africa.

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